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Search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of online marketing. Every day, many new providers enter the market with their websites and compete for the attention of users. 

Therefore, the majority of all companies that pay little attention to search terms have almost no traffic to their own site. A keyword analysis is a solution to this problem. It is one of the many professional SEO measures that improve Google rankings and thus attract new prospects to a website on a daily basis.

To do this step effectively, you need the help of the best SEO tools for a thorough and perfect analysis. Read this article completely to find out the importance of keywords in your SEO marketing and the SEO tools that you must necessarily adopt.

Moreover, you need to keep these tips in mind while performing keyword analysis!

Why do a keyword analysis?

With keyword analysis, you use appropriate terms with a high search volume in your content in order to optimize the placement in search engines. This way, your target group will become aware of your website and you will secure a huge advantage over your direct competitors. 

You can find a suitable search term with professional tools such as the SEO Personal Dashboard and detailed keyword analysis. In the following, you will discover the benefits of fully considering promising search terms and how you can use them wisely for your online marketing.

How does keyword analysis work?

What is the purpose of keyword analysis for your online customer acquisition?

The first step in website optimization is thorough keyword analysis. It forms the basis for all other SEO measures and is, therefore, an important aspect of online marketing. In addition, keyword research also plays an important role in link building; as it determines promising search terms and specifies a topic for high-quality backlinks. 

In this way, you can reach a large part of your target group and ensure effective search engine optimization, even during link building.

Many keywords are completely useless for professional use. This is mainly due to the fact that some terms in the English language have a wide range of meanings. For this reason, many search queries are subject to enormous waste. However, keyword analysis with a powerful tool such as the SEO Personal Dashboard determines the qualitative keywords that drive search queries to your website. This is especially useful with long-tail keywords. Users see your results in the search engine when they actually use a service or want to buy a product.

So, with keyword analysis and additional search engine information, you ensure a huge advantage over the competition. After all, other companies reach many users with their content who only plan to search for information and have no intention of buying.

Why is keyword analysis so important in search engine optimization?

In SEO marketing, all actions are aimed at improving the visibility of a website and getting a high number of results in search queries. By searching for relevant keywords, you ensure that such a high search volume actually leads to more orders, applications and inquiries. The target group usually only searches for the services advertised on your website with a selection of a few terms.

For this reason, you need to find out which search terms are in your specific field and how often the target group uses them in the search engines to look for appropriate offers. Next, you summarize the best keywords into related topics to facilitate the creation of optimized content. 

In the next step, you assign a specific intent to each keyword. This way, you ensure that you're offering the right content for the terms you've entered. The search intent is often derived from the specific choice of words. But you can also read them with the DSD SEO tool

Your company is the point of contact for providing answers to current topics.

The scope of the keyword research depends mainly on the expected results in the search engines. A complete analysis of all relevant search terms often takes several days or weeks. In the meantime, of course, it also depends on the depth of your website's content in the topic discussed.

Benefits of a keyword analysis

Keyword optimization is always a high priority in online marketing. A professional keyword analysis sets you apart from the competition and guarantees optimal placement with relevant search terms in Google and other search engines. It is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies to invest in the SEO Personal Dashboard tool for search engines. 

This way, they benefit from the high search volume and interest in their services and reach a large part of the self-defined target group. Small businesses often use professional SEO plugins for this purpose and optimize the used domain, SEO title and URL.

Use the advantages of keyword analysis for your effective and sustainable customer acquisition on the Internet

A high-quality keyword tool such as the DSD ensures that you promote your products with high-frequency search terms and are thus displayed more frequently in search queries to new customers. In addition, the technical structure of the website is an important element of search engine optimization in online marketing.

After all, with a user-friendly website structure, you not only increase the user experience. but also appear more frequently in Google Searches. 

All benefits at a glance

The detailed research of relevant keywords with the SEO Personal Dashboard tool for search engine marketing offers you a variety of advantages in everyday business. These include :

Use the SEO Personal Dashboard to find related search terms

The DSD tool is an all-in-one SEO tool also used to optimize search volume. It gives you answers to all your keyword questions. Due to the high competition for promising search terms, you should not optimize your website on only one search term. Instead, it makes more sense to position yourself broadly on the search engines and to cover all relevant terms that your target group is looking for. 

You can find these search terms with an advanced keyword tool such as the SEO Personal Dashboard. 

The DSD tool also offers many other advantages. It shows you not only the keywords, but also the associated search volume and the main intention of the users. Such a tool is therefore much better suited for your keyword analysis.

Useful tips that you should definitely consider when analyzing your keywords

Almost all SEO measures in online marketing include a detailed competitor analysis. This means that you will come across search terms that you have not yet noticed in Adwords, other SEO or keyword analysis tools. In addition, you need to provide the search engines with additional information and thus dominate the search for your preferred topic.

Always use a modern tool such as the SEO Personal Dashboard for your optimization. Otherwise, an outdated search term volume will lead you down the wrong path. You shouldn't waste your SEO metrics on a search term with low search volume. Instead, use terms that match the subject of your best keywords and make it easy to find information.

Also, be sure to do thorough research and good SEO in your keyword analysis. A search term with a high search volume should be able to be inserted into your website without disrupting the reading flow. Therefore, you group all-important search terms into a coherent topic and make it easier to create information later.


Through the content of this article, we have just shared with you everything you need to do the right keyword research on the internet. Indeed, by keeping these tips to heart and using the best SEO tool (SEO Personal Dashboard) you will leave the competition far behind. 

Do you have any questions about online marketing or the topic we just discussed? Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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